Happy World Radio Day, Everyone!!!

Three years ago the first World Radio Day was celebrated in relatively few places, with the main event in London. Since then the celebrations have spread like bushfire, celebrating the power of that … radio … everywhere – for each of our special reasons radio is important.

In a couple of studies carried out by EMPOWERHOUSE during 2014, documentation covering all corners of the world reconfirmed: radio is the most important channel for information, education and entertainment world-wide! While it is now transmitted on many different platforms, through ever changing technologies, the voice and audio medium that radio is, stands out as not only the most used and the most important, but also the medium with the strongest democratic potential!

Why is Radio important for you?

… I asked when sending out my World Radio Day newsletter.

Rui Massingue from Maputo, Mozambique answered:

“Radio is the reflection of our lives. I listen the to radio to be able to correct my life.”

Lukas Kulwa from Mbeya, Tanzania, expressed his concern:

Radio is still a vital medium to connect the community and engage in development activities. The heaviest challenge now is that most of our radio practitioners are producing irrelevant contents. The audience is left out … and presenters are presenting … contents which are irrelevant to the community. We need to change this habit!”

Mahaman India Abdourahamane from Niamey, Niger sends his wishes to us all:

“Happy radio day to all. My reflection on this topic is that radio remains the principal mean to reach most listeners  in the contexte of our developing countries, like Niger. There are about 90 to 100 community radios in Niger a part from the national radio and many private. I know that community radio could play a very important role in Niger, if the community broadcasters are supported and trained well. They could help civil society and public sevices to communicate on development issues like health, women rights and social matters. They speak in local languages and the progammes are made by the community itself. “

Youth and Radio

‘Youth and Radio’ is the theme for this year’s World Radio Day. In my World Radio Day newsletter you will find some experiences and reflections on the importance radio can have for youth, when used in a participatory manner. Some of the cases focus on the transformative potential of a trusted community radio, re-functioning some of the negative traditions such as aspects of the  traditional roles of men and women, ethnic groups living side by side with minimal contact, and even Female Genital Mutilation. Read much more here!

Online course on
‘How to turn voices into community change’

April 29 is the starting date for the next 7 module and 7 week online course on community radio sustainability.

Read much more here – and follow this site, where more information will come about how to sign up during the coming week – including a special ‘World Radio Day’ discount!

Participants who took part in the course among others said:

This course is bringing a good and strong message to those who are working with CRs and want it to be truly owned by the community. This course presents solutions – is a guide and a road map for sustainable CR.

The ever present moderator online made me feel that there is someone listening on the other end. The topics we worked with in the on-line course are of paramount importance to me in my work with CR.

The course was educative and it was a wake-up call for some of us who are managing CR for the first time. Especially the rich detail on how to generate sustainability, I have already started to apply in our radio.

To me the most exciting was to be presented with the experiences from all over the world shared in this course – and the ongoing clarifications given by the trainer on any and all issues related to managing a community radio!

You can also get more information by writing to: mail@empowerhouse.dk

Happy World Radio Day!