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2022 – a year of recognition of the EMPOWERHOUSE director

EMPOWERHOUSE founding Director Birgitte Jallov received in 2022 two awards, recognizing her dedication and quality of work towards strengthening women in the media, women’s voices and human rights:

A lifetime achievement award for her work to strengthen women’s opportunities to have a voice in the media, presented by the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press. Oct 2022. Read more >

An award in appreciation of outstanding dedication and excellence issued by the International Association of Women in Radio and TV. Nov 2022. 
Read more >

EMPOWERHOUSE and Birgitte Jallov field work map


”If you want to read only one book
on sustainability of community radio,
this is the one
to read...”

This is how one of several reviews provided by specialists in the field  assess Birgitte Jallov’s “EMPOWERMENT RADIO – Voices building a community”. The book has been used in EMPOWERHOUSE’s own online courses and has been the basis and inspiration for development of community radio in national networks and individual radios around the world. Get the free e-book when signing up to the EMPOWERHOUSE newsletter.