Skills and Competencies

The Director and senior lead consultant and adviser within EMPOWERHOUSE, Birgitte Jallov, possesses among others the following special traits, skills and competencies:

Project Management

• Designing, implementing and evaluating projects in a range of disciplines
• Participatory strategic planning from A to Z – as practical management tool
• Providing effective solutions on time and on budget
• Being practical, realistic, task focused, organized and results oriented
• Advanced use of LFA, Results Based Management, SWOT methodologies & techniques


• Managing newly formed and established teams of staff and consultants
• Instilling teams with motivation and creativity through participatory processes/insights
• Providing advice & training to variety of target groups

People Management

• Managing multi-national, cross functional teams using flexible management style
• Operating internationally, with diverse national and organizational cultures
• Managing & coaching technical and operational staff to deliver quality services
• High level respect for other people and cultures – believe in personal warmth, openness


• Winning trust and working effectively with senior as well as junior and operational staff
• Using strong negotiation & facilitation skills in a variety of settings
• Designing & delivering presentations, training & process facilitation
• Conference facilitation and moderation

Communication for Empowerment – Special experience

• Designing empowering participatory processes for community development
• Creation of community radio for participatory development and social change
• Participatory design of adequate sustainability strategies including partnership strategy
• Design of adapted research methods for community development and impact assessm’t
• Empowering women (and women’s media) for action and change
• Participatory strategic planning for ownership and sustainability of for ex. media houses
• Facilitating creative and «free» problem solving capacity through exemplary processes