Young Management and Leadership talents trained

EMPOWERHOUSE was invited by Fojo’s SEAMTN project to co-facilitate a leadership and management workshop for the SE Asia Media Training Network, focusing on the sharpening the capacity and insight among young and upcoming leader profiles in the Journalism Training Institutes of the network.

Based on earlier work with the below continuum of organisational development, the workshop asked what kind of leader and manager the young talent would want for the institutes they might be running in the future?

The feed-back after the workshop included the following:

What workshop participants are bringing home

“Thank you for this workshop and the wonderful learning environment. We take inspiration and ideas for our future careers with us from here!”

“I learnt a lot of things that I didn’t know before!”

“I engaged very openly and happily shared my experience with my peers!”

“I was expecting that it would be a “Human resources” type of workshop. But am glad that it was more of a sharing, conversation, dialogue type. My take away is really the “lifelong learning” discussion. It was a good point of reflection.”

“I learnt leadership skills/knowledge and how to solve management problems in instituteions.”

“I learnt from the process that information and communication are very important between each other and the whole group!”

“It was fantastic to learn how to identify challenges and risks, and how mitigation efforts can be built into our work routines.”

“Great to exchange about the colours – how to understand oneself and colleagues!”

“I now understand what I want and how to get it.”

“I have learnt how to live with everyone.”

“I now understand my own values better knowing what my type is.”

“I now understand my colleague friends’ work better and understand my expectations better.”

“I have learnt to see and know my own strength and weaknesses.”

“I now understand the value of sharing and listening.”

“I’ve learned management and long-term planning skills.”

“I now understand my own strength and weaknesses.”

“I’ll make more detailed plans, improve and strengthen my own knowledge to challenge myself in work I have never done before. Sharing knowledge with my colleagues.”

“I’ve learned a lot – also through Fojo’s slides from earlier process with Birgitte and David Brewer.”


About the learning process

“I learnt a lot for the process by discussion and exchange of our experience.”

“It was a good and relaxed atmosphere for “listening”. I liked that it was not a “lecture”. Putting things into questions bring a more comfortable environment. It’s always good to talk, but most of these days, I trust that listening brings out more of a reflection, awareness.”

“I discussed openly and respectfully with my facilitators and openly discussed and also questioned what I want to know.”

“You created a very comfortable and friendly learning environment. Unusual, but very productive and much appreciated.”

“It was great to discuss how to tackle difficulties as a leader and as a manager!”

“It was first time I have discussed my professional life and my work from a personal view point. Challenging – but in the good way.”

“It was really good to be part of the process, to see how we could discuss and learn through that.”

“I have learnt how you can learn through sharing. I will apply this in my daily work and my life and share it with everyone.”

“I’ll connect with other participants in the course through social media and Fojo, and I’ll keep in touch with the trainer through email, social media or other projects.”


About the facilitation

“The facilitators are very flexible, and they gave knowledge and shared their experience. So, I learnt much in the relaxed atmosphere and I got to think about a lot of things, that I had never thought about before.” “Friendly, open, and sharing knowledge building experience.”

“The brainstorm process was good, and I learnt the lesson about and for myself.”

“The trainer’s enthusiasm helped me express my ideas and thoughts better. To check my feeling and to learn from it. I think I am more open now and I like very much the more practical approach.”