Purchase and subscription conditions

Products and services offered by EMPOWERHOUSE, Krogegaard, Gudhjemvej 62, DK3760 Gudhjem, Denmark, CVR/SE number:  33 14 13 94. Contact us at mail @ empowerhouse.dk

Digital products are delivered digitally via email, and will be available for payment with Visa or  MasterCard.  There are obviously no payment fees. After your purchase you will automatically receive a receipt sent to the email address you entered. All prices on all products that are quoted in US dollars, unless otherwise stated.

Digital products are delivered via e-mail or through password access to a closed forum. The digital product will be sent to the e-mail address entered at the time of the order in the appropriate box. You can always change your e-mail address by e-mailing us at mail@empowerhouse.dk or in the online forum, by changing it in ‘My Profile’.

Cancellation policy: Workshops, courses, webinars, tele-classes and events:  With less than 1 month to the event, you will be charged a 50% fee. With less than 14 days to the event there is no refund. However, you are welcome to transfer your signed-up space to someone else or get on the waiting list for the next time the same event will take place.

Subscriptions: For subscriptions, the subscription price stated on the product page, will automatically be deducted for each subscription period. Receipt of the purchase will be sent via email. You will receive an email confirmation of your subscription enrolment after the subscription process is concluded. In the confirmation mail you will receive a link you need to click to confirm the purchase. You can cancel your subscription anytime by writing to mail @ empowerhouse.dk. The termination is immediate, and after termination you will not be billed any longer nor will amounts be drawn from you card. Already issued invoices must still be paid.

Return Policy: EMPOWERHOUSE has a 14 day return policy. If you regret your purchase within 14 days, please contact us at mail @ empowerhouse.dk and you’ll get a full refund. The money will be refunded automatically to the account that you have paid it from.

OBS: When purchasing products, where the material is received immediately, the 14 day return policy no longer applies.

New credit card? If you wish to renew your card number, this is done by using the link provided in the mail you receive after every transfer. Delivery is usually within a few minutes, but in exceptional cases it can take up to five days.

About copyright: All rights to workshops, courses, events, tele-class and other digital products belong EMPOWERHOUSE. The purchase of a product grants the right to use the product as highlighted in the purchase conditions of the individual items.

We accept the following cards: Visa Dankort, VISA and MasterCard.