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Reviewers have said about the book:

“Jallov not only shows the benefits and potential of community radio, she describes how to develop and sustain community radio”

“Jallov shares examples of how communities are changed as a result of having a community radio station.”
“The book is very readable and interesting!”

“If you want to read only one book on sustainability of community radio, this is the one to read! You really need to read and use this remarkable book.”

“..a ‘must read’… important because it documents the crucial importance of community radio in processes of people’s development as empowerment.”

“… This text is extremely critical to transforming community voices into sustainable empowerment radio for a first timer or a well-seasoned CR collective or individual.“

“This book is the first of its kind …and a very, very rich resource… with a lot of insights from someone “who was actually there”

“An important book for ComDev practitioners and students!”

“Birgitte Jallov’s book reveals a practitioner’s vast experience, thoroughly rooted in theoretical reflection and fed by the energizing enthusiasm of an aficionado.”
Full reviews of the book here

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EMPOWERHOUSE supports empowerment-oriented development of communities and community media as platforms for communities and individuals to be able to move forward, unleashing their – much too often hidden – development potential. EMPOWERHOUSE founder Birgitte Jallov does this based on more than 30 years’ experience and engagement with community media in many different communities, countries and continents.

EMPOWERHOUSE has seen and documented how, as a result of community radio/media:

  • women have found a new and stronger role in their community – and have been beaten up a lot less;
  • communities have gone from an annual cholera death toll of 300 to zero after a community radio went on air and the community took the advice serious;
  • people living with AIDS have gained new hope and recognition in the community – and much better lives;
  • corrupt politicians have been brought to account by the community and actually provided the electricity or road or other asset that their embezzlement had stopped from being realised.
The systematized experience is through EMPOWERHOUSE benefiting community radios/media, their organisations and funders interested in sustainable and effective support, with a strong constant sustainability and empowerment perspective. Some examples of EMPOWERHOUSE engagements with different groups interested in strong community media:

About the background

Empowerhouse has been started by Birgitte Jallov to meet the needs in and around development of sustainable community radio. But who is she to do this? [read more]
Broadcaster from Radio Muthiana near Maputo in Mozambique
Broadcaster from Radio Muthiana near Maputo in Mozambique
Dua Jong, a Hmong broadcaster from the Khoun Community Radio for Development in Lao PDR.
Dua Jong, a Hmong broadcaster from the Khoun Community Radio for Development in Lao PDR. A rice farmer, his wife is now taking over his role in the fields when he broadcasts – he then also have to take care of the kids. A total reversal of tradition and roles – for the better of women, men and families.
Hapsatu M. Moh’d, a volunteer community radio broadcaster
Hapsatu M. Moh’d, a volunteer community radio broadcaster in the Tumbatu FM on Tumbatu island off the main Zanzibar island, Unguja, Tanzania in the studio. She is focusing on women’s programmes and women’s empowerment.
Hapsatu with Birgitte Jallov
Hapsatu with Birgitte Jallov, the EMPOWERHOUSE founding director visiting Tumbatu FM in November 2022, following up on the thorough needs assessment and capacity building taking place 2017-2020.

We recruited Birgitte, when we needed a thorough review of our community radio project, hopefully identifying some strong change stories. Birgitte had worked with the project before and knew the particular environment well; when she was selected to do the review we knew the work was in safe hands.
Birgitte’s best asset is her tremendous energy – it infused the project for months afterwards, inspiring everyone involved to bring new people into the community radio and try to spread its benefits to others.
While being positive and encouraging, Birgitte also kept a critical eye open during her interactions with our project. She identified some administrative issues which were, in hindsight, impeding the project’s progress. With her recommendations and suggested solutions we were able to bring things back on track quickly and efficiently.
Birgitte brings a number of special and unique qualities with her as an adviser: Her energy and enthusiasmvery empowering to all who work with her, not least because it is backed with years of valuable technical and organisational experience.

I would warmly recommend Birgitte’s services, advice and support to community radio stations that are looking for inspiration, ideas from other radios elsewhere in the world, and for donors who wish to learn more about the changes that are happening at the ground level of these fascinating transformational projects.

Sarah Ransom
Programme Analyst

“ I recruited Birgitte Jallov as I knew of her good work. Birgitte’s reputation precedes her! And I wanted someone with a lot of community communication experience. Given Birgitte’s communication for development work, through community radio it was easy to consider recruiting her!
Birgitte’s involvement in UNECA’s tele-innovation centre project has led to awareness on community communications by policy-makers. For instance, since the training she conducted with the community Information centres in Ghana, they have asked for more training andspecifically requested that they want Birgitte to come back!
Birgitte’s commitment to a cause and working for impact is what makes her stand out in the crowd. I was conscious of this in Rwanda where you would prefer avoiding the ‘politics’ of government to working with people, using communication to empower them! Which is a great strength to have! Furthermore there are three qualities that personify Birgitte: Passion, commitment, and dedication.
I would warmly recommend Birgitte as an adviser, coach and facilitator to other UN agencies wanting to work at the grassroot level, particularly pursuing a communication for development agenda and also those working on women and gender issues.”  

Aida Opoku-Mensah
Director, Science and ICT,  UNECA, Addis Abeba