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EMPOWERHOUSE on the road Consulting services

EMPOWERHOUSE’s founding director Birgitte Jallov is a seasoned consultant with more than 30 years’ experience around the world. The countries covered can be seen to the right, and under each of the seven thematic entry points presented above, each is introduced, EMPOWERHOUSE’s approach is presented, followed by Birgitte’s portfolio of experience.

Birgitte conducting a Focus Group Discussion in Western Uganda

Evaluations are important tools to inform the future, while documenting the past – more here.

Based in the EMPOWERHOUSE ethos, Birgitte has extensive experience in making evaluations participatory learning experiences for all involved. Human warmth and some fun are important elements!

Birgitte Coaching the Birzeit University Media Development Centre team

Strategic planning – as here in Palestine – is one of the important components in Birgitte’s toolbox*. Through an effective, participatory planning process, a team – as here – or a CSO, a community radio/medium can take charge, prioritize and much better achieve their aims and aspirations, as they have been formulated through a vision and mission, and ways to make them come through mapped out.

EMPOWERHOUSE and Birgitte Jallov field work map


EMPOWERHOUSE finds a way to get there

[By boat]

In 2006 Birgitte carried out an impact assessment of the Buzi Community Radio in Mozambique. It was just after heavy rains and flooding, so the road had been washed away – the team then went by boat.

[By road]

In 2018 Birgitte carried out an evaluation of a Social Change programme in Rwanda after a rainy period. Getting to the project sites in the rural areas, was in many places a real challenge – despite an ace driver!

[By air]

When on a tight mission schedule during an evaluation in Tanzania in 2015, Ifakara had to be reached. Instead of two days on the road, we went by air over breathtaking landscapes.