Karolina Rogóz-Namiotko

Women on the Global Community Airwaves

Women on the global community airwaves is a podcast series bringing you stories told by women around the world working to strengthen women’s voices on airwaves within their own community media. The stories are brought to you by me, Birgitte Jallov, who have worked with these issues for a lifetime. The women tell about why it is so important that women get a voice and what it means for the producers, the listeners and the community contributing. Much more here →

“Lejdi Gada – women at the microphone”, is a program broadcast on student radio UWM FM in Olsztyn (Poland) about women who fulfill themselves in life through passion and work. The guests of Karolina Rogóz-Namiotko are female soldiers, psychologists, cooks, dressmakers, entrepreneurs, presidents, mothers, etc. The host of the show, Karolina, believes that the woman who acts with passion and commitment is able to inspire more women to change for the better. It is a program about self-development, self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Karolina Rogóz-Namiotko explains how important this program is for her “meeting other women gives me a lot of energy and great sisterly love”.

I’ve always dreamed of traveling, but somewhere along the way, life met me: home, work, a child. My daily duties fully absorbed me and these interviews and conversations, both on air and off air, became for me journeys to another world, full of passion, commitment, female sensitivity and strength“.