Empowerhouse Publications

Selected written publications

EMPOWERHOUSE's Birgitte Jallov has since her academic work on the liberating potential of radio for women: "A counter Image in Sound" (Roskilde University 1982, MA thesis) continued to document her experience and thinking as a 'reflected practitioner' in the area of media development, press freedom and communication for development - always with a strong focus on the situation, role and potential of women. Many of her books and articles are included in this overview.

Selected films and video productions

Birgitte Jallov, EMPOWERHOUSE, is a story teller with a lot to share. Birgitte has done this in writing and through documentary films. While she did all in her early films from preparation, filming to editing and distribution, Birgitte has in her latest films been the initiator, script writer, fund raiser and producer. Birgitte has served on several film jurys in the area of films for development. The list of her main titles is just a click away.