Maru Chavez

Maru Chavez

Radio Violeta, Mexico

Women on the Global Community Airwaves

Women on the global community airwaves is a podcast series bringing you stories told by women around the world working to strengthen women’s voices on airwaves within their own community media. The stories are brought to you by me, Birgitte Jallov, who have worked with these issues for a lifetime. The women tell about why it is so important that women get a voice and what it means for the producers, the listeners and the community contributing. Much more here →

Maru Chávez is originally from Veracruz, Mexico. She defines herself as a journalist, feminist and activist for women’s rights. She studied journalism at Moscow State University where she obtained her Master of Art in Journalism degree. She began her feminist communication work in 1996 in the organization Salud Integral para la Mujer. She has been a representative of the AMARC International Women’s Network and in 2016 she founded Violeta Radio, the feminist community radio station in Mexico City, of which she is currently coordinator.



Radio Violeta went on air in 2016 as a feminist community radio station in Mexico City. The station has many women involved and broadcasts 24/7. The station has around 150.000 listeners and receive regular feed-back from women listeners stressing the importance to have the station, which covers issues of special importance to women, which is covered no-where else.

Radio Violeta consciously challenges the traditional ways of the media and aim to transform communication to be more real: real women’s real voices covering all the issues of importance in women’s lives.

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