Selected written publications

(not including consultancy reports):

2022 “Women on the Air – A contribution to the history of women in community radio in Europe”. Upcoming issue of the journal: Women’s History Today. Thematic issue: Women’s Broadcasting History
2021 Speaking for yourself, finding the way forward together – When the community takes charge, by Birgitte Jallov, in Matrizes’ special issue on the occasion of Freire’s 100 years (pp 251-257)
2020 Growing up with and within an emerging field. A professional-personal development story. By Birgitte Jallov; in: Learning from Communicators in Social Change – Rethinking the Power of Development, ed. Jan Servaes (Pp. 145-171). Springer
2018 “Strategic Communication for Action and Change” A reader. By Birgitte Jallov, Published by EMPOWERHOUSE
2017 “30 years’ of experience with C4D in the field” in Handbook for Communication and Development for Social Change, Edited by Jan Servaes (forthcoming)
2015 “Quand des voix construisent la communauté: Radios communautaires et empowerment”, par Birgitte Jallov, in Marie-France Soleil (ed.): “Vingt-cinq années et une vie”. Karthage.
2014 “Reflections on a two-week global LinkedIn debate: Community participation for radio financial sustainability” by Birgitte Jallov and A. Sofie Jannusch, In: Glocal Times, # 21.
2014 “With the FM system in your Pocket – informing, entertaining, saving lives!” by Birgitte Jallov. An MICT publication on Radio in Development. MICT.
2012 “EMPOWERMENT RADIO – Voices building a community”, by Birgitte Jallov
236 pages, Published by EMPOWERHOUSE.
2012 “How can the internet and social media contribute to community communication for empowerment?” in: “Social Media in Development Cooperation”, Ørecomm, 2012
2011 “Communication for Empowerment”, in Measuring Change II. Planning, M&E in Media and Development Cooperation. CAMECO, 2011
2010 “How-to Note” on Freedom of Expression and Independent Media, Published by Danida
2009 “Stories of community radio in East Africa: Powerful Change” in MAZI 18, the electronic newsletter, Communication for Social Change Consortium.
2009 “Getting your support to community media right” and “Community Research for Community Media Sustainability” in “Community Media Sustainability Guide: The Business of Changing Lives”, Internews, 2009
2008 “Now we are seen as real human beings” and “Setting agenda of public concern” in: “Whose Voices – Media and Pluralism in the Context of Democratization”. Uppsala University, Sweden
2007 “Most Significant change. A tool to document community radio impact” in: Measuring Change. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in Media and Development Cooperation. CAMECO, 2007
2007 “Women & Community Radio in Mozambique” Feminist Media Studies, Sept ‘07
2007 “Pioneering Community-run Radio in Laos: The Khoun Community Radio Station” Photo Essay in: MAZI 14, the electronic newsletter of the CFSC Consortium.
2006 “Voice, participation and empowerment – using community radio”. Report to the World Bank Institute.
2005 “Assessing community change: development of a ‘bare foot’ impact assessment methodology” in: Radio Journal Vol. 3.1, July 2005.
2004 “Community Radio for Empowerment and Change” in: Journal for Development Communication, December 2004
2004 “Participation by Community Radios in Civic Education and Electoral Coverage. The Experience of the Community Radios in Mozambique’s 2003 Local Elections. Specific Cases of: Dondo, Chimoio and Cuamba” by Acia Sales. Commissioned, designed and edited by Birgitte Jallov on behalf of UNESCO Mozambique
2003 “Creating and Sustaining ICT Projects in Mozambique”, in “The One to Watch -Radio, new ICTs and interactivity”, FAO.
2001 “Creating Sustainable Community Radio – a Major Challenge”, Mozambique
1999 “Community Radio Mushrooming in Mozambique”, Interradio, AMARC
1996 “Women’s Voices Crossing Frontiers – 1996 European Directory of Women Community Radio Stations and Women’s Radio Production Collectives”, editor and writer of Introductory article. Published by AMARC Europe.
1995 “Using Communication Techniques to Diversify Women’s Training a Employment.”A manual with video examples. ILO, Geneva.
1992 “Women on the Air – Community Radio as a Tool for Feminist Messages” In ‘The People’s Voice’ ed. by Nick Jankowski, Ole Prehn and James Stappers.
1986 “Village Video for Women” and “Women will have to Reinvent Communication”.Publications of: “ KULU-Women & Development”.
1983 “Women on the Air”. On Women and Community Radio in Europe. RUC
1982 “A counter-image in Sound. A method for Empowering Radio Production for Women.” Thesis. Roskilde University Centre.