Selected films and video productions

1998 – 2005 Documentary series: “Media Development in Mozambique”- Executive Producer*):
I: Community Waves – Community Radio Development (2001)
II: Listen to the Women – Women in the Media in Mozambique (2002)
III: The Challenges of Sustainable Growth – on small newspapers (2003)
IV: The Women’s Community – on Creation of a Women’s Community Radio Network in Mozambique (2004)
V: FORCOM, Mozambique’s Forum of Community Radio Stations. An Exercise in Democracy (2005)
IV: Community Waves – five years later (2006)
1990 “Lisa, Neneng and Soling”. A film on Women’s lives in the Philippines described through portraits of three representative women. MS-Development
1989 “Women in Technical Trades”. A promotional video on getting women into non-traditional trades. Produced for and with Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa and ILO.
1988 “Educate a Woman”. A presentation of the impact of women’s education in the lives of women and their families. ILO
1987 “Hand in Hand: Women & Western Aid. An Indian perspective.” KULU-Women Development
1987 “Roof over the Head”. About stonecutters living in cement pipes near Madras, India. Produced for the national committee of the UN year on “Shelter for the Homeless”
1987 “More than mere Survival”, “P.L. Perumal: A Life Dedicated to the Plantation Workers of India”
1987 “Jagadambal”. On Women Teapickers and unions. For Int’l Wing, Danish Labour Movement
1986 “Women Together at FORUM ’85”. Produced for KULU-Women and Development.
1985 “Women in Southern Africa: Isolate South Africa!” TV Documentary.
1985 “Women Will have to Reinvent Communication”. Six African women on their use of C4D.
1985 “—and through the video women see their reality”.   On the use of video in the villages in Mali.

*)     Developed concepts, synopsis, negotiated budgets, raised funds, on panel for final approvals, organised promotion activities.