Empowerhouse has been started by Birgitte Jallov to meet the needs in and around development of sustainable community radio. But who is she to do this?

Why have you started EMPOWERHOUSE
– and why community radio

The question should actually rather have been, why I have not done this long ago?

I have worked with community radio since 1980, when I was deeply involved in the budding community radio movement in Denmark and on the board and co-organiser of the first meeting of the international community radio association, AMARC, in 1983.

Since then I have worked with community radio in many countries in many parts of the world as community broadcaster, trainer, adviser, evaluator, supporter and midwife.

As I usually keep contact with the stations and people I have worked with, I have found it increasingly difficult to meet the many requests for input and support received – and decided to create EMPOWERHOUSE as a community radio meeting-place for training, sharing and for ‘growing’ community radio for empowerment.


What is your background for doing this work?

I have a master’s degree in mass communication and strategic communication as well as a bachelor in linguistics and civic movements, civil society along with a series of courses in radio production, documentary film production, management & leadership, and a diploma in adult education and working with the social media.

But actually the most important background when I work in community radio, is that I have seen how it can transform communities and generate empowerment and development – and I passionately believe in just that being the most powerful and important motor to a people-centred development.

I have seen:

  • how women have come to have a new and stronger role in their community – and have been beaten up a lot less;
  • how communities have gone from an annual cholera death toll of 300 to zero after a community radio went on air and the community took the advice serious;
  • how people living with AIDS have gained new hope and recognition in the community;
  • how corrupt politicians have been brought to account by the community and brought the electricity or road or what it is that their embezzlement had stopped from being realised.

And I have seen what is needed in a community radio, to be able to generate this kind of powerful development impacts.

I have worked in more than 60 countries and within 300 different realities. These impacts are just some of the many I have met, where I have worked with community radio.

My international networks are vast, counting international and bilateral organisations, NGOs and CBOs, as well as hundreds of individuals. I am furthermore chair of the Panos London board, serve on film jurys, and am since 2011 in the council of Action Aid Denmark.


What is it then EMPOWERHOUSE offers?

EMPOWERHOUSE assists communities, facilitators, funders and governments with finding integrated solutions to create and strengthen community radio. All the many stakeholders in and around community radio have different needs and backgrounds.

With my new book as a starting point:  EMPOWERMENT RADIO: voices building a community training like the online training course onHow to turn voices into community change’, which ran for 7 weeks in October-November 2012 will continue to be featured, a free newsletter will appear regularly and the blog at the opening page of the EMPOWERHOUSE website will share stories in and around community radio.

Furthermore an ‘Empower Forum’ will start up soon as an online club, where subscribers will receive advice and guidance and facilitated networking.

Besides from these regular services, EMPOWERHOUSE continues to offer tailor-made services to users including anything from evaluations and impact assessments of community radio, preparatory mapping and design, support to funders or governments with design of community radio programmes and legal/regulatory frameworks.

If you need a diagnostic analysis of a community radio or support with design of sustainability and partnership strategy, these would be among the many other services EMPOWERHOUSE can be called upon to meet.


What do others say about you?

You better read it in their own words here


What can EMPOWERHOUSE do for me?

Well, first of all I would invite you to visit the different overviews of EMPOWERHOUSE products and activities here on the www.empowerhouse.dk website, to find yourself in the menu’s ‘You and community radio’, where specific services are proposed for specific user groups. If you still don’t know where to find answers to your questions, write me at: mail@empowerhouse.dk.