Focus Areas

Media Development

EMPOWERHOUSE engages in efforts to develop the capacity and quality of the media sector within a specific country or region, and helps the development of free and independent media in countries around the world.

Community Radio

EMPOWERHOUSE continues to engage with the development of sustainable community radio, empowering community radios and their networks to reach their full potential as a motor for transforming communities through people-centred development.

Strategic Communication

EMPOWERHOUSE works to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations, community media, independent media and institutions to use communication effectively as a means to reach their constituents and achieve their objectives.

Civil Society

EMPOWERHOUSE, engages with Civil Society as the space and the organisations where citizens join hands to manifest and promote interests independent of the government or commercial interests, including human rights, freedom of expression and press freedom.

Womens Rights and Gender

Women’s role in the media as managers, producers, users and as portrayed in the media, are among the important focus areas integrated in most of the work EMPOWERHOUSE engages in.

Reviews, Evaluation and Impact Assessment

EMPOWERHOUSE has the tools and the experience needed to match your specific documentation needs for an evaluation or review, be it through systematic interviews, facilitation of consultative workshops, surveys, tracer studies or audience feed-back and impact assessment.

Research and Teaching, training and Conference Facilitation

Whether skills-focused short term training, teaching as part of longer term educational processes or coaching as part of ongoing strengthening of capacity and quality, EMPOWERHOUSE always strives to work on the basis of existing capacity and to ensure that interventions are relevant and sustainable in view of local realities.