Capacity to run & support Community Media

The core of EMPOWERHOUSE is to assist community media, community media organisations and organisations and individuals supporting community radio have the capacity needed to strengthen the required capacity to develop, grow and consolidate.

EMPOWERHOUSE offers online training courses and on-site, in among others general community radio/media management and organisation, Community Radio/Media sustainability; Financial sustainability for Community Media; Strategic Planning for Community Radio; and Community and visibility strategies for Community Media.


Training policies, volunteer contracts and the never-ending capacity building

Most of the above mentioned training and capacity-building workshops and processes that EMPOWERHOUSE offers include advice on how to go about the need for capacity building during the different phases of the life of a station and how to deal effectively with community volunteer broadcasters.

In a community radio station capacity-building is never completed. Due to the nature of the radio and the fact that most of the programmers, technicians, managers and mobilisers are working on a volunteer basis, a natural, continual cycle of people leaving and new volunteers appearing will be the order of the day… [Read more here] 

Training policies, volunteer contracts and the never-ending capacity building

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