What EMPOWERHOUSE can do for you

The core of EMPOWERHOUSE is to assist community media, community media organisations, and civil society organisations and individuals supporting community radio to bring empowerment-focused community radios for development forward. EMPOWERHOUSE works with a number of different actors to support community media development and sustainability, including
  • community media;
  • host Governments (as the main enablers of community media);
  • donors and agencies interested in supporting community media and
  • academia involved in furthering the theoretical background for community media and the potential of communication for development.
EMPOWERHOUSE provides its services in a number of different ways:
  • EMPOWERHOUSE website provides direction on how to address important aspects of community media sustainability;
  • EMPOWERHOUSE newsletter providing subscribers with more in-depth discussion and orientation on relevant topics;
  • EmpowerForum, an on-line, membership-based platform for networking, professional exchange, moderated discussion and ad hoc coaching;
  • Training courses, both on-line and on-site;
  • Participation in conferences, seminars etc;
  • Articles, manuals and books reflecting accumulated experience in special areas, from time to time;
  • Ad hoc support missions to assist community media and networks that are facing serious difficulties;
  • Specific assignments requested by clients (host Governments, donors, agencies etc.), either with an internal focus (e.g. policy development, screening of project and programme proposals, technical guidance and training of staff, etc.) or with an external focus (providing support to community media/radios or community media networks in all phases of their development, carrying out evaluations and impact assessments, etc.).
EMPOWERHOUSE offers online training courses [ANDERS, link ‘online training courses’ til siden fra den gamle hjemmeside: https://empowerhouse.dk/training/ uden datoer] and on-site workshops, in among others general community radio/media management and organisation, Community Radio/Media sustainability; Financial sustainability for Community Media; Strategic Planning for Community Radio; and Community and visibility strategies for Community Media. Read more here. Contact EMPOWERHOUSE for advice on how to address community media questions and challenges: mail@empowerhouse.dk

About Empowerhouse and Birgitte Jallov